I seek to bring a balance of joy and rigor into any learning situation for every student.

When designing courses or curriculum, I work to ensure that I will be able to clearly present the material to students in a way that they can understand.  All courses have content that is highly engaging, current, and relevant in order to fully engage students. 

The four skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) are always integrated into every lesson.  Students are exposed to plenty of comprehensible input throughout each lesson and they additionally have ample opportunities for output.  In class, I expect students to interact with peers to negotiate meaning in their second language.  My aim is to provide students with an awareness about their new language so that they can apply what skills they have learned in class to their learning that extends beyond the classroom.


Advanced Study ESL

Here you will find the syllabus, needs analysis, lesson plans, and listening activities for an Advanced Study ESL course that I taught in the Community English Program at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Oral Skills 4

Here is a syllabus, needs analysis, and assignments (listening journal and final presentation project) that I created for a low-intermediate Oral Skills class in the American English Institute at the University of Oregon.