What students and presentation attendees are saying.

I really found your presentation on institutional culture shock very informative.
— P.B., Intensive English Program
I attended your presentation [on Institutional Culture Shock], which was one of the best I have attended, by the way.

As a new hire myself, you guys hit on a lot of wonderful points. Hope you take this presentation to other local conferences. Thanks also for the incidental lesson on how to give a great presentation.
— T.W., Recruitment Coordinator, US Department of State's English Language Fellow Program
You are an amazing teacher Abby :) I’ve been in your class only once .. I loved your strategies of teaching ... Good luck.
— A.A. Former UO American English Institute Student, Reading, Writing, Grammar Level 5, Saudi Arabia
It was great having you as our SIG leader. I really do hope they hold on to SIG meetings. I feel you really made them productive.
— J.M., UO Teach Graduate Student
I feel great have your class again! I really like your teaching style, you never rush so I can have enough time to review. I had some AEIS classes but really learned something from your Intermediate Academic Writing last term.
— K.Q. Former Academic Writing Student, China
Today, I will have presentation [for college graduation] in the afternoon. 5 hours left to go. I think, If don’t feel nervous, it will be alright. There is no problem because you taught me. I miss your class. Your class was the greatest class that I experienced.
— H.J. Former Oral Skills 4 student, South Korea