Can't wait to try this app

This week, at Faculty Summer Institute, I went to sessions related to screen casting, screen capturing, and apps to use, among others.  The biggest take-away from any of these sessions was probably in Vickie Cook's presentation on her 10 favorite app types to use.

In this presentation, I learned of Adobe Voice, which is a free app which allows users to make videos.  The app has a great selection of free graphics, and Cook demonstrated how she made  a high-quality video in around 8 minutes for one of her classes.

I'm looking forward to using this program to make instructional videos that show students how to access information or find books to continue reading while they are on summer vacation.  I'm also interested in making videos for my students to show them how to use LexTutor to learn more about the kinds of words they find in a given text.

After I familiarize myself with the app a bit more, I'll be sure to provide an update.  Given the simplicity and ease of use, I can see myself using Voice on a pretty regular basis.

I'm curious--Do you find times when you want to make videos for classes?